Sargent Sticks is launching a brand new product line September 2018!

Sargent Sticks lacrosse shafts are premier carbon fiber and wooden lacrosse shafts.  These shafts are a passion of owner, Tucker Sargent, a lifetime lacrosse player and coach.  We are currently getting ready to launch our new products due out in September and will have two main lines: our premier carbon shafts and our classic woodies.  Our mission here at Sargent Sticks is to bring you the best products at a price everyone can afford.  We sell direct from factory to the consumer taking out countless middlemen who drive up the price.  Having the best gear shouldn't be about having the deepest pockets that's why we work tirelessly to bring you top quality gear that is affordable. 

The carbon fiber shafts are made using state of the art technology and are ridiculously light and strong and will retail for $89.99 with a 3 month warranty.   

The wood shafts are our classics, each piece of wood is hand selected to be strong enough for the game, yet beautiful enough for a mantle.  While these shafts aren't cutting edge technology, they pay homage to the history of the game connecting today's players and coaches to lacrosse's rich history and traditions.  There is a special bond between a player and his stick and a wooden shaft only strengthens that bond. All of our wooden shafts can be laser engraved for that personal touch.

We are currently taking pre-orders on all our shafts.  All pre-orders will receive a 20% discount.  Both Woodies and Carbon Fibers should be available by 9/20/18.

Thank you for your patients.